08 May 2019
Vol 11, Issue 491

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ONLINE COVER Cloud Drug Atlas. Depicted is a cloud containing the structure of the drug balovaptan, which targets a receptor for the neuropeptide vasopressin. Vasopressin is known to modulate social behavior in humans and is a potential therapeutic target in autism. A 12-week phase 2 clinical trial (VANILLA) that evaluated daily oral balovaptan in adult men with autism (Bolognani et al.) reported improvements in several adaptive behaviors. Meanwhile, a 4-week clinical study in children with autism (Parker et al.) reported that daily intranasal vasopressin resulted in improvements in social behaviors on several outcome measures. These studies suggest that vasopressin pathway modulation may be beneficial in autism. [CREDIT: PATRICK SCHNIDER/F. HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE LTD; KATE STAFFORD/ENVISION PHARMA GROUP]