06 February 2019
Vol 11, Issue 478

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ONLINE COVER The Heart of the Matter. This image of a glowing heart illustrates that the heart is an oxidized organ. This contrasts with the low oxidation state of tumors and is key to a cardioprotective approach that overcomes the cardiotoxic effects of anthracycline cancer chemotherapy (Saleme et al.). A redox-sensitive enzyme, PKM2, that suppresses the activity of proapoptotic protein p53, protected cardiomyocytes from dying under oxidized conditions in vitro. Conversely, in a low oxidation environment, the reduced form of PKM2 activated p53, resulting in cancer cell death. Treating mice with lung tumors with a compound that stabilizes PKM2 boosted the anticancer effects of anthracycline chemotherapy while protecting heart cells. [CREDIT: WOODOO007/123RF.COM]