23 January 2019
Vol 11, Issue 476

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ONLINE COVER Blasting Retinoblastoma. The image shows human retinoblastoma cells (dark purple) on top of retinal layers, which are stained to show the RB1 protein (brown). An oncolytic virus that targets cells with a defective RB1 pathway, such as these retinoblastoma cells, was tested in animal models of this tumor (Pascual-Pasto et al.). The virus was safe in juvenile rabbits and improved survival in mouse models of retinoblastoma. Intravitreous administration of the virus was safe in the first two patients enrolled in a clinical trial, with signs of antitumor activity observed. These promising results could lead to the development of an oncolytic virus therapy that spares many children from surgical eye removal. [CREDIT: ANGEL MONTERO CARCABOSO/INSTITUT DE RECERCA SANT JOAN DE DEU]