12 December 2018
Vol 10, Issue 471

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ONLINE COVER The Gut-Brain ConNECtion. This image shows the expression of myelin basic protein (green) and reactive oxygen species (red) in the brain of a mouse with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Patients with NEC, a gastrointestinal disorder affecting premature infants, often develop neurocognitive impairments. Niño et al. now show that the cognitive impairments exhibited by a mouse model of NEC were mediated by activation of immune cells called microglia and accumulation of reactive oxygen species in the brain. Antioxidant treatment prevented cognitive impairments and reduced brain inflammation in mice with NEC. Reducing oxidative stress may help to prevent NEC-associated neurocognitive impairments. [CREDIT: NINO ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]