13 June 2018
Vol 10, Issue 445

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ONLINE COVER Victory over Vibrio. Despite protective vaccines and effective rehydration therapies, Vibrio cholerae, the pathogen causing cholera, continues to ravage certain parts of the world. In a pair of papers and an accompanying Focus by Hall, this issue reports on two new cholera interventions derived from engineered bacteria. Mao et al. observed that lactic acid produced by a common probiotic protected infant mice from V. cholerae challenge, and they added a cholera-sensing mechanism to the probiotic to detect breakthrough infection. Hubbard et al. attenuated a contemporary cholera strain to create a live vaccine (depicted as blue bacteria) that protected infant rabbits from V. cholerae challenge (red bacteria) within one day, which could be particularly helpful during outbreaks. [CREDIT: A. KITTERMAN/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]