02 May 2018
Vol 10, Issue 439

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ONLINE COVER Commensal Curation by IgA. Pictured here is one of billions of bacteria in the gut that can be recognized and bound by mucosal IgA. Mouse models of IgA deficiency exhibit profound microbial-dependent defects that are not observed in humans naturally deficient in IgA. To discern the role of IgA in human gut health, Fadlallah et al. examined the fecal microbiome from healthy people and IgA-deficient patients. Although IgM could partially compensate for the lack of IgA to prevent overt microbial imbalance, different bacteria were prominent in the two groups of people. Their findings show how IgA curates gut bacteria to shape the microbiome in humans. [CREDIT: FADLALLAH ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]