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Integrin α4β7 expression on peripheral blood CD4+ T cells predicts HIV acquisition and disease progression outcomes

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Science Translational Medicine  24 Jan 2018:
Vol. 10, Issue 425, eaam6354
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aam6354

Indicative integrins in HIV

The gut is thought to be a major viral reservoir in HIV infection, and studies in nonhuman primates suggest that targeting the α4β7 integrin on T cells may be a viable therapy. Sivro et al. now extend these findings to humans by examining HIV acquisition in multiple African cohorts. Higher frequencies of α4β7+ circulating CD4+ T cells before infection were associated with increased HIV acquisition, viral load at set point, and more rapid CD4+ T cell decline. These exciting data confirm that integrin targeting could help reduce the spread of HIV.

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