04 August 2021
Vol 13, Issue 605

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Boosting Antitumor Immunity. The cover image shows a tumor from a patient with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) visualized with multiplexed ion beam imaging by time of flight. The image reveals the tumor-immune microenvironment, with tumor and immune cell populations expressing different markers including NEUROD1, a SCLC marker (red); CD14, a myeloid cell marker (green); and a marker of CD8+ T cells (magenta). This issue of Science Translational Medicine features a Focus article by Triparna Sen, the winner of the 2021 AAAS Martin and Rose Wachtel Cancer Research Award, which is given each year to a young scientist who has made important contributions to the field of cancer research. [CREDIT: Y. XIE, Y. LI, AND T. J. HOLLMANN/MSKCC]